Cyber Liability Insurance

When data breaches and hacks occur, they can result in devastating damage, such as business disruptions, revenue loss and legal fees. No organization is immune to the impact of cyber crime, and cyber liability insurance is a crucial part of risk management. Understanding the full scope of your cyber liability is a challenge—one that requires knowledge of various types of breaches, common risks, exposure identification strategies and mitigation techniques.

It seems as if new information regarding cyber risks emerges every day. From a business standpoint, this can make it difficult to stay informed on the most important and dangerous exposures.

Carbone & Molloy offers Cyber Security / Cyber Liability Insurance to reduce the losses associated with the liability. In addition, we offer several programs to reduce the risks through education and knowledge.

cyber newslettersAre you up to date on the latest cyber attacks and other industry news?

To protect their bottom lines, businesses must stay up to date on the evolving threats to their IT infrastructure and data. While the constant stream of information on cyber risks can be overwhelming, Carbone & Molloy is here for you.


Written for employers, our bimonthly Cyber Risks & Liabilities newsletter features information about new technology risks and tips on how to stay cyber safe. This resource is especially useful for IT and risk management professionals, as it features two full-length articles that highlight important current events and valuable cyber-safety advice.

cyber risks & liabilitiesCYBER RISKS AND LIABILITIES SERIES:

Our Cyber Risks and Liabilities series is designed to hone in on specific risks, providing a detailed look at how organizations can approach common cyber-related topics like password threats, website security and loss control procedures.

cyber security planning guidDo you know all of the cyber exposures your business faces?

Organizations, both large and small, need to be proactive in order to protect against growing cyber threats. Resources like our Cyber Risk Exposure Scorecard and Cyber Security Planning Guide ensure that, regardless of how you conduct your business, you are doing the due diligence necessary to prepare for your organization’s unique cyber exposures.


Using our Cyber Security Planning Guide, you’ll find in-depth information on all of the above, allowing you to better protect your business, information and customers from cyber threats.

cyber risk exposure report cardCYBER RISK EXPOSURE SCORECARD:

Using this Cyber Risk Exposure Scorecard, organizations can assess their level of risk and better determine the level of coverage they need.

employee trainingDo your employees have all the training they need?

Properly training your employees is one of the easiest ways to prevent a cyber breach from affecting your business. However, because cyber security is a complex topic, thoroughly training all of your employees is not always easy. Simplify the process by using our comprehensive employee training materials.

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